chocolate: a cupcake creation story

as much as i love everything cupcakes, i also love everything chocolate. chocolate cupcake is definitely my staple cupcake recipe. therefore, i am dedicating this post in honor of all the chocolate cupcake creations i have ever made and eaten with great pleasure...

banana and chocolate ganache cupcake

chocolate and mocha cupcake with chocolate sprinkles on top

mocha cupcake with maltesers on top

chocolate cupcake with nutella and coffee frosting

brownie cupcake

vegan chocolate cupcake

tiramisu cupcake

chocolate chip sponge cupcake

chocolate cupcake with nutella frosting and maltesers on top
chocolate and cocoa buttercream cupcake
double chocolate cupcake with nutella buttercream

here's a photo of what i had for afternoon tea yesterday :

it is the same recipe as my rich chocolate cupcakes but replace melted chocolate with 1 tablespoon instant coffee diluted in 2 teaspoon boiling water. you can find the recipe here.

happy baking!!!

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