Kitchen diva - The awakening

I have always have a passion for food. But before, it was all about eating it. I ate and  I ate more and yet I felt no sense of satisfaction. I knew there was something missing there.

I wasn't really interested at all about cooking or baking when I was younger. I was lucky that I was able to eat good food because my mother is a great cook. She always cook great dishes. Of course, she always nagged me to come into the kitchen and learn to cook one or two dishes. But I was an ignorant teenager at that time. All I had in my mind were cute boys and the Backstreet Boys!

So, I have never learned to cook when I was a teenager. Then, moving to college and living in the hostel on my own wasn't helpful too. The rule of the hostel was we were not allowed to cook in our dormitory. We have to eat at the cafeteria. So, not so much cooking either.

It wasn't until I went to university and lived in a rented apartment that I picked up cooking. It started with googling recipes then going to Woolworths and the farmer's market to get groceries and then coming back home to cook. There's a little bit of work involved but it was so much fun! That's when I started to enjoy cooking. And eating the food that I cooked was just SO satisfying. However, I didn't just start and became good at it. Sometimes (or most of the time) I get dud results but going through the whole thing was a worth experience.

I believe that practice makes perfect. I still can't say I am VERY good at it. But, I can proudly say I am getting better at it =D

So, here's the story of a young wife in her journey to become the ultimate kitchen diva.


  1. way to go, diva! keep us updated haha.

  2. and domestic diva, i loooiiiiike!!!!

  3. yeehaa..gals...!!keep following my story...hehe