I love cupcakes!!

I started baking a few years ago but I was never good at it and I don't care. However, now I am obsessed in honing my baking skills. So, I started with cupcakes.

There's just something about this little cakes with attitude. They are super KAWAII as well as super OISHII!! Back in Brisbane last year, there's a cupcake boutique, Sweetopia. Every time I'm in Southbank, I'll stop by to buy their little cakes. But, here in Auckland, I don't have the luxury of walking a few minutes and voila it's the CBD. We live in the suburbs here and there's no cupcake shop nearby. So, I take it as the perfect opportunity to learn how to bake cupcakes.

Just to get the hang of baking again. I started baking using premix. I know, I know...that's cheating but I have to start somewhere. So, premix cake mix was perfect for me to start on. I bought Betty Crocker's Super moist Chocolate cake mix and Super moist Triple Chocolate Muffin mix from Pak'n'Save. Went home and started baking. Here's the photos:

I was happy how the muffins turned out. I wasn't really happy how the cupcakes turned out though. Before I put the icing on, they looked like muffins. Not cool! Even though I followed the instructions, I was still not quite successful. So, obviously I need to bake more cupcakes to bake the perfect cupcakes (evil laugh)!

One day, David had things to do at the bank but I didn't want to go with him. There was Paper Plus near the bank and I went there browsing while waiting for him. I went straight to the bargain table and guess what books were on special...cupcakes!!! The book has 200 recipes for cupcakes and it was on sale. Of course I just have to buy the book!

I chose one recipe from the book, warm chocolate molten cupcake. The easiest one that I think I can do it with ease. Also, the one that only makes 6 cupcakes. So, in case it was a dud. David is not forced to eat it all alone! While making it, I put extra care in following the exact measurements, the exact instructions. Also, I baked it in the oven less than the time recommended. So my oven won't over baked my cupcakes (I am still getting to know my oven). So, this was how my warm chocolate molten cupcake turned out:
I was really happy with the results. I'm happy that it wasn't a dud. David was happy  too but I think he's happy because he won't be eating a dud cake LOL...


  1. OMG.... yuummmmm... i am so coming to visit u, n am sure by then, u r an expert at baking. Am not a huge fan of cupcakes, but am open to being wooed by your skills ;)

  2. the cuppies look yummy for first timers.... u know, at least u chose to bake cuppies instead of cake!still remember the feeling of having to eat my dud CAKE!!!lol!

    btw, which part of auckland r u staying now?

  3. anne, cupcakes are super yumm...its the smaller version of a cake...

    shiying, i know, i never have good results with least cupcakes are the smaller version of it... i live in mt wellington now...5 mins drive to sylvia park!