Project Kitchen

I believe that a good functional kitchen will definitely make everyday cooking and baking more enjoyable. We recently bought this house which is 40 years old and I'm really amazed that this house is in good shape. Of course, there were some obvious wear and tear on the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, I can't really bring myself to love the colour of the cabinets. So, I think that a new coat of paint will definitely freshen up the look of the kitchen and hopefully add joy to my cooking and baking.

Here's some photos of the kitchen before redecorating:
It wasn't that easy to decide on a paint scheme that my husband and I will like or love. I suggested an all shade of white. I thought that for novice diy-ers like us, that will be easiest to achieve. When we arrived at Bunnings, who would have thought that there were a lot of shades of white! We spent 2 hours at Bunnings deciding on the right white. We chose a slightly warmer white but still pale enough not to become too creamish (I am not a big fan of the shade of cream) and also not too white to become too clinical. 

And so the repainting begins:

It took us more than a week to complete the project. The cabinet doors were the trickiest to do! Here's the kitchen/dining area with the new paint colour:

I think the kitchen looks more modern now. For novice diy-ers like us, I think we did a great job with the painting. I am still in the process of adding coloured accessories to the kitchen just so that the kitchen won't look too white. More importantly, now that I have a good looking kitchen (at least according to me), I enjoyed every second of cooking and baking in my kitchen!!!

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