No egg - no butter cupcakes

I am not allergic to any forms of dairy and I am also not a vegan. I tried making this cupcake with no eggs and butter or margarine because I have family members who are allergic to dairy. So, I'd like them to be able to enjoy the cakes that I made. After all, they can't be missing out on the treat. I think I might also have family members who just want to watch their line =P

These cupcakes are made from plain flour, caster sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, vinegar, salt, oil and water. From my experience, I dislike cakes made with baking soda because of the sour-ish after taste it leaves. But since this was an experiment, I'll just try it out. So, my cupcakes turn out like these:

Fresh from the oven and looking like how it's supposed to look like
Then I decorated it with frosting made from whipping cream. I also cut off the top to use as decoration...

Now that it has been decorated, it's time to eat it....munch.... munch....

So, the verdict is I can tell you it doesn't taste horrible. But it also doesn't taste as good as cakes made with butter and eggs.

But that's just me. I already have prior prejudice towards baking soda in cakes!!!! I think I need a second opinion. I will just have to wait for my husband to eat it later....

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  1. goodness David is a suupperrrr lucky man!
    btw, i m sooo cheering u on with tht plan of having ur own cafe!!! do it do it do it!!! gambatte!