My 1st birthday gig

A few days before my husband's birthday, I managed to convince him to let me bake cupcakes for him. Finally, I have a really good reason to bake cupcakes. Before, it was just purely for fun. I think this could also be my husband's first ever birthday cupcakes. Awesomeness!!!!

He requested that he wanted chocolate in the cake and LOTS of it. So, I decided to bake a rich chocolate gateau as the cupcake and use lots of Nutella for the frosting. If I added in more chocolate chips on the batter, I believe I would have made the ultimate chocolate lover's cupcake. But, I didn't want to make kids go extra-hyper after eating my cupcakes. So, no chocolate chips in the batter.

Anyway, I baked the cake and made the icing. Then, it's time for the fun part, frosting the cupcake. I was trying to pipe the frosting to make it look like a rose. The videos in YouTube made it look so easy but really it's not very easy. Behold, my birthday cupcakes:

I don't think I managed to pipe a rose but they're OK I guess. Now it's time to blow out the candles. My husband looked so cute with his cupcakes:

Then, it's time to eat! It took me almost 2 hours to prepare, bake, make the icing, frost the cupcake and decorate it. To finish almost all of the cupcakes, 20 minutes....

 In the end, it was all good fun. I had fun making the cupcakes and everyone looked like they enjoyed eating the cupcakes, I think.....

I shall write the recipe in another post....

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