sakura blossoms

i don't have a specific flower cutter for making sakura blossoms. but sakura blossoms are fairly easy to make if you have the basic tools for making roses. 

the essential tools needed are:
5 petal flower cutter
ball tool
foam pad
most important to have is gumpaste.

to make sakura blossoms:
  • roll the gumpaste as thinly as you can on a dusted surface, icing sugar or cornflour.
  • use the 5 petal cutter to cut out the flowers.

  • use a knife to cut a small slit between the flower petals.

  • cut a V shape in the middle of each petal. tip: i've used the end of a heart shape cutter.

  • put the blossom on the foam pad and with the ball tool, slide the edge of the petals to thin it out. then, cup the center of the blossom and petals by pressing it gently.

  • leave to dry.

when dry dust the edge pf the petals lightly with pink lustre dust. in my case, i dusted my blossoms with ivory.
to make the loose petals, just separate the petals from the whole blossom.

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