like to doodle?

i am a serial doodler and it's the thing that got me through all the lectures back in college. i stumble upon these awesome food safe markers, foodoodler when i was doing one of my usual online window shopping :D

i found mine here and i'm sure you can buy it at your local cake decorating supplier shop.

after i got mine, i've doodled on some of my cookies:

i've covered my cookies with white fondant and leave it to set overnight so i'll have a hard surface to doodle on. it was a lot of fun!

if you are interested, click on the bottom image link to go & get it....

Foodoodlers Cake And Cookie Decorating Pens


  1. oh my ! this is awesome! love to have one of these :)

  2. yuen, it is awesome! now you can doodle your food!